University of Maryland College Park - B.A. Art History/Art Studio 

Inside the Museum with Jefre Harwoods -

Selected Exhibitions


Red, Black & Blue, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY

What's so great about REALITY? Jefre Harwoods & Kaitlin Martin, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
Jingle Jangle Jungle Part 2, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY

Kimono - Kimono, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
Come Rain or Come Shine, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
The Coloring Book, W. Dale Clark (Main) Library, Michael Phipps Gallery, Omaha, NE
Holiday Popsicle Show, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY

Not Straight ~ Not So Straight, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
El Verano, Part 1, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
The Complete Coloring Book Art Show, Theater for the New City, NYC, NY
Open Spaces, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY*
Postcards From The Edge - Visual AIDS Benefit, Sikkema Jenkins, NYC, NY

Holiday Show Part I and II, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
Masterpieces: A Fact Filled Coloring Book, ABC No Rio, NYC, NY
Something - Old, New, Bold, Blue, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY* 
25 Years: Anniversary Show - Part 1 and Part 2, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY

onetwentyeight, L.E.S., N.Y., Galerie Hofkabinett, Linz, Austria
Textile Show - Art for Happiness, Shoshinkan Gallery, Nagano, Japan
e = enigma, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY** 
Planet Alert - Art for Happiness, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
Textile Show - Art for Happiness, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
MoMA Staff Show, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY
New Year New Works, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY                                           

Textile Show, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
rEvolution, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY* 
The Great Pop-Up Art Sale, Dumbo Arts Center (DAC), Brooklyn, NY

Goo’z - Part 1 and Part 2, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY

MoMA Staff Show, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY
Vamp Pump, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY
IT! - Mutants, Hybrids, Combines, Whatever, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY** Images

Escape to Landscape... & Beyond, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY** Press Release Images

Where We Are, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY** Images
Heart to Heart with the Sunrise/Art Feast, Musée de Monoian, NYC, NY
Illumination, Musée de Monoian, NYC, NY
Love and Spirit, Musée de Monoian, NYC, NY

Wood/Magic, Musée de Monoian, NYC, NY
MoMA Staff Show, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY

Art Fairs

Fridge Art Fair Miami, Holiday Inn & LGBT Visitor Center, December 2015, Miami Beach, FL

Fridge Art Fair NYC, Holiday Inn, May 2015, NYC, NY

Fridge Art Fair Miami: De Staatliches Bauhaus Rijpe Mango Editie, 3rd Street Garage Artspace, December 2014, Little Havana, Miami, FL
Fridge Art Fair NYC: The Miami Pospsicle Project. Edition #2, Gallery Onetwentyeight Space, December, 2013, PAX Performing Arts Exchange, Little Havana, Miami, FL
Fridge Art Fair, May 8 - 12, 2013, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY

Events, Films, Installations, and Performances
90% 90's with Andrew David Ringler and Dylan Green - (December, 2014) Installation & Performance, Little Havana, Miami, FL
Brenda - (December, 2014-Present) Magnetic Poetry Installations, Miami, FL, Miami Beach, FL, and NYC, NY
Paper Tweets (2008-present) - Interactive bathroom installation, May 8 - 18, 2014, L.I.C., Queens, NY
Something Something With Fish - Interactive film screening with artist Jeanne Wilkinson, January 5, 2013, onetwenteyight, NYC, NY**
A Happening, Performance/Happening/Wig photo shoot by Jefre Harwoods, May 19, 2012, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY* 
A Midwinter Night’s Dream - Performance, piano, and music by actor and musician David Beck with film by Kaitlin Martin, January 27, 2012, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY* 
Be-In,  September 1, 2011, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY** 
Evolvevia - Performance/Installation/Happening with Fashion Shows by fashion designer, Viktor Luna and artist/designer, Katrin Grotepass, performance by Angela Freiberger, August 26, 2010, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY* 
Mr. Green Presents an Evening of Glam Rock - Performance/Installation/Happening, August 21, 2010, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY* 
It’s Alive! The Artist Works Amongst Us - Performance/Installation/Happening, August 14, 2010, onetwentyeight, NYC, NY* 

* Curator ** Co-Curator